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Then Safonext™ is your right choice!

Pakistan's unique blend of cultures combined with rapid economic expansion and consequent high population growth requires a specialized approach to distribution management. Safonext™ endeavors to lead and outclass competition in this highly challenging industry, which is been made possible by strategic business leadership that is keenly perceptive of the market needs, excellent warehousing and distribution channels, and a dedicated, enterprising workforce committed to delivering excellence. It offers Pakistan's strongest and best-organized sales and merchandising team(s) in Dry Food, Frozen Food, & Non Food Divisions. Both brand owners, trade benefit from the combined expertise, and have the convenience of being able to deal with one point of contact for the whole market. We focus on all KPIs (IMS – in market sales, Productivity, Coverage, and Infrastructure & human resource) in order to optimize the revenue streams. Our reach and distribution penetrates the remotest interiors of Pakistan. We have a dedicated network of branch(s) in the key cities. We believe to maintain a close proximity with our principals and customers.

Our Service Pack:-

Product Mix / Category Coverage Trade / Customer Coverage Logistic
 Dry Food  Urban & Rural Territories  Deliveries
 Frozen Food  Wholesale  Vehicles/Transportations
 Confectionaries  Supermarkets  Shipping / Clearance
 Beverage – Soft Drink /Tea /Coffee  Hypermarkets  Stock Replenishment
 Staples & Cereals  Independent Grocers  Inventory Control
 Pet Care  Kiryana Stores  Warehouse Management
 Non - Food  Pharmacies  
 Skin Care  Fuel Filing Stations  
 Fabric Care / Detergents  Department Stores  
 Hair Care  Mother & Baby Store  
 Facial Care  Perfume & Cosmetic shops  
 Oral Care  Toy Stores  
 Bar & Liquid Soaps  Out of Home (OOH)  
 Baby Care Toiletries    
 Wipes & Tissues    
 Deodorants & Talc    
 Shower Gels    
 Insecticides and mosquito repellants    


Deliveries - We directly deliver to all our customers. To maximize customer service levels we have systems for continuously tracking and improving the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries. Today our fleet is a judicious mix of open vans, refrigerated trucks, and motorcycles. We believe to work very closely with principals and have always subscribed to an open and flexible approach in a rapidly progressing marketing environment.

Shipping - Efficient management of imports/exports is one of our core strengths and we can handle goods ex-factory, ex-warehouse, FOB, C&F or CIF according to requirements.

Stock Management – our resource planning system keeps stock levels at the optimum to ensure that the consumer always receives the freshest stock possible. We maintain stocks at a level to satisfy the sales and promotional cycle requirements of individual brand owners whilst always minimizing the risk of running out of stock. Our warehouse comes under the controls of the Ministry of Health, which enables our handling of any FMCG products. In addition the warehouse management system captures all stock data including batch codes and production/expiry dates to ensure optimum stock rotation. We are able to identify and track all stock that enters the market from our warehouse.

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