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Trading House

Primary business objective is representing global & regional brand leaders in emerging and mature markets. In addition, collaborate with manufacturing suppliers and principals in establishing their brands and executing brand-building activities. We also caters to the network of dealers in strengthening distribution network to most suitable outlets covering supermarkets, departmental stores, kiosks, duty free shops and institutional outlets.

Safonext have a professional team of sales and marketing personnel with local and international knowledge and expertise. Stringent quality control being the prime objective of our business operation, a strict policy of sourcing and selling highest quality products and constantly seeking new avenues to improve standards and consumer satisfaction levels.

Company sub-divided into 3-divisions:-

Safonext™ ventured to the Arabian shores in 2014 as an independent entity with a vision to explore the markets in national and global arena. Areas of business covering fast moving consumer goods:-

  • Foodstuff, confectionery, snack foods, Evaporated Milk, Full Cream Milk Powder, Flavored Milk, Milk Cream, Tomato paste, Canned Peas & Beans and Peanut Butter.
  • Household, toiletries and grocery.
  • Duty free items - cigarettes, liquor, and fragrance.
  • Pharmaceutical products -medical, diagnostic, health care and over the counter lines.
  • Stationery & Office Supplies.
  • Consumer electrical & electronics.
  • Chemical / Food Integration

Pamper Me
Deals in import /export of pamper, baby care products and diapers from around the world.

Our own private label brand for food products / food commodities. (To be launch soon...)


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